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I am Michael Steele,
An Experienced Business & Personal Coach Based In Florida.

Life has a strange way of creating opportunity if we allow ourselves to believe and follow our intuition. I left my life as a college basketball coach to move into the business world as a financial advisor.

The relationships I built were the foundation for the next 20 years as a financial advisor and manager of our advisory sales office. The firm grew organically, and I had significant opportunities to coach top-performing advisors and those on the rise.

“I Coach People To Overcome Obstacles Standing Between Them And Their Greatness.”

Michale Steele
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You Want to Be the Best

My coaching is for producers and business leaders who understand that coaching is for the top performers. The most successful players understand that fundamentals are real, and the basics are the foundation of every successful endeavor.

Professionals understand that the key to creating real long-term success is steadfast positive belief in themselves. They know that understanding the basics at a deep gut level will build this belief. “This positive belief in self brings balance and enjoyment back into your life along with financial success.”

Why Coaching from SCG?

We drive results with unsurpassed business and life coaching that will enhance your leadership and communication skills, solve real-world problems, and optimize performance.

Coaching is the best human technology for changing both lives and behavior

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