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I am Michael Steele,
a Business & Personal Coach .

I have experienced the thrill of success throughout my career and felt the devastation and relief of being fired. I am familiar with the constant joy of family but have experienced and know the pain and grief of losing a child.

I have worked and coached top performers in sports and business and had tough conversations with those struggling in their roles.

My life experience helps me listen with the understanding to hear with compassion and respect.

“I Coach People To Overcome Obstacles Standing Between Them And Their Greatness.”

Michael Steele
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You Want to Be the Best

My coaching is for producers and business leaders who understand that coaching is for the top performers. The most successful players recognize that fundamentals are essential to the foundation of every successful endeavor.

My ideal client understands that the key to creating real long-term success is a single-minded positive belief in themselves. They know that working on the basics with focus and intensity will build this belief in business as well as sports.

“This positive belief in self brings balance and enjoyment back into your life and financial success.”

Why Coaching from SCG?

We drive results with unsurpassed business and life coaching that will enhance your leadership and communication skills, solve real-world problems, and optimize performance.

Coaching is the best human technology for changing both lives and behavior

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