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A Little Bit About Myself

My career in business and sports coaching, coupled with my love of learning, has allowed me to learn from numerous mentors & view our business world from various perspectives.

Life has a strange way of creating opportunity if we allow ourselves to believe and follow our intuition. I left my life as a college basketball coach to move into the business world as a financial advisor.

The relationships I built were the foundation for the next 20 years as a financial advisor and manager of our advisory sales office. The firm grew organically, and I had significant opportunities to coach top-performing advisors and those on the rise.

My Mission & Approach

My coaching is more than just exposing you to new methods and approaches. The combination of client effort, commitment, and follow-through will transform your business and enable you to grow into the top performer you envision.

Business is just a game we play. Life is about family, friends, and joy. That is why we do what we do.

I’ve Been Helping People Create Positive Change In Their Lives For Over 20 Years.

Areas Of Specialty

Business Development

Build a business plan that aligns with your ethics, and values

Personal Growth

Believe each day you will be making a difference in peoples lives

Building Self-Confidence

Grow your confidence as you prepare and practice your skills.

Navigating Changes

Change is required to create growth. It is dealing with that change which is the challenge.

Life balance

Creating a positive impact on family and community isn't a choice, it's expected.


The key to long term success as a Top Performers is growing into an Exceptional Leader.

Professional Background


I work with successful financial and business professionals and focus on what they need to do to get to where they want to go. We work together to increase not only their financial rewards, but more importantly enjoy their job, time flexibility, along with improved mental and physical health.

My role is to listen and look for the path to help them get out of their own way to get this done. The concept of redefining the leaderboard targets the advisors’ business and work-life satisfaction.

As a former college basketball coach, financial advisor, and sales manager, I understand the game. My experiences give me insights into your questions and struggles.

Life Experience

My Own Journey To Self-Discovery

My experience of life’s trials and tribulations allows me the knowledge to walk with you through those tough hits. I understand that success is more than reaching your goals and making a lot of money.

Your work is more than a business. It involves the lives of your clients and your family. Your actual accomplishments will be determined by the joy and enjoyment of your relationships with family, clients, and those important people around you, at work and home.

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