Hi, I'm Michael

Life has a strange way of creating opportunity out of adversity if we allow ourselves to believe and follow our intuition. It was 1984; I had left my life as a college basketball coach to move into the business world. The pursuit of becoming a financial advisor created a great base of market knowledge, sales opportunities, and a learning experience one needs as a rookie in the financial industry. In 1987 when the market crashed this debacle on Wall Street eventually gave me “my shot” to move to Institutional sales and bond trading desk. Institutional Sales and Trading were my true ambition in the world of Wall Street from the start.
It was on the Trading Desk that I genuinely felt in the game. Working as a bond trader allowed me to build relationships with Wall Street firms on one side of the trade and our advisors in the sales branches on the other. I learned many lessons from the veteran’s traders and brokers on “the street”.


Founder Michael Steele
Michael visiting foreign countries

LI was trading bonds with companies like Cantor Fitzgerald, Fuji, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs based on phone call with someone I might never have met in person. These trades, upwards of millions of dollars were verbal business agreements built on trust and integrity.

Working the trading desk gave me the opportunity to work with top financial advisors. Hearing about their most essential needs, their frustrations and any obstacles system was insight into their business and challenges. I helped these top advisors use fixed income products to build their business with high net worth client.

After trading and managing the Fixed income Desk for seven years, it was time to move. I was offered the role of the Financial Advisor Sales Manager at the broker-dealer with the same regional bank. The Sales managers’ position appealed to me as an opportunity to recruit, coach, and build my advisor team as the firm looked to grow our business organically. My position was designed to have significant coaching and mentoring of the mid and upper- tier Advisor hires in all aspects of their business. This included working with the advisor on building their sales organization, client management, and an office support system.

Pursuing the next level as an Advisor requires taking a risk, a willingness to change, taking real action, being willing to learn, efforts to click into place. This is not an easy task. It requires hard work and perseverance. Working with a Coach will help you generate the proper plan, create the actions, follow through, and hold yourself accountable. Are you ready to make that commitment?

Call me and let’s talk about your needs and what you would be looking to create. That is what I do.

When I decided to make business coaching my career, I hired a coach to help me make the career transition and start building my business. I believe that working with a coach helped me in creating my vision, my action plan and the belief it took in all the steps to get focused to restart my coaching career. I work with a Coach today on my business and take online courses for more technical stuff like LinkedIn sales ideas. I never want to stop learning and improving.

My focus as a coach is working with financial advisors and associated professionals who are committed to succeed with integrity, have some fun, want to learn and achieve more in their life. If you are an individual who wants not only to make better money but want to make money in a better way, and enjoy your life, let’s talk and see how you can transform your business to your next level.



What To Expect

Coaching is designed to be a structured exploration into whom you want to be, what you want to do, and how to get there. In general, your life coach should:

  • Start with an in-depth assessment of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Craft a custom action plan that outlines a step-by-step process for achieving your goals.
  • Track your progress and support you through each step of the process via the coaching calls as well as useful resources and assignments.


Your work is more than a business. It involves the lives of your clients and your family. Your true accomplishments are judged by the success of the relationships you have with your clients at work and family at home.

My experiences in the corporate world include everything from a basketball coach to a regional Manager to a professional Caddie. I have experienced the highs of financial success to the lows and loneliness from that success. My experience of life’s trials and tribulations help guide you through those tough hits. The key is that I understand that success is more than reaching your Quarterly goals and making a lot of money.

My true gauge for success is when I look in the mirror every day and can smile and feel good about what I do for my clients, myself, and my family. Asking you tough questions and getting you to answer from your gut. What is holding you back? That makes it real. It’s critical for you to be talking and sharing with someone who has been through the grind. I am a Coach who can understand your experience.