Action Creates Happiness

Action creates happiness. When I am happiest, I am creating action for myself. If I let doubt creep into my head, I start thinking and stop doing. Those thoughts of being too careful start eating at my joy. The dread of possible negative outcomes starts to slip into my brain. The action stops. 

Why are kids generally so happy? They see something they want. They declare, and they go after it without another thought. Next thing you know, they have achieved their mission. 

If I see something I want, I often stop, think about it, “do I”, “don’t I”,  “will I”?   My brain tells me getting it done is the best choice. It should not even be a choice. If I do not get it or finish that assignment, negative thoughts will be embedded in my subconscious. It is all these little daggers that can create more problems in the future.  

“Take the first step,” “take the jump,” “write the first line,” we have heard all the cliches. Do you know why they are cliches? Because they work!. The perfectionist often gets in the way of action. To counteract these fears of engagement, try to do physical activities like push-ups, smile, laugh, and yell to get excited and get started. They work. 

Once you get started, and go hard for as long as you can on the keyboard, or writing in the journal, making the video, or whatever needs to be done. Keep smiling and making it fun all the way through. Finish with a smile. of satisfaction like you just won the game. You did!  

If we approach our business with excitement and joy, we can create positive outcomes. As we practice our professional craft, let’s put a smile on our faces, not take ourselves quite so seriously.  Think like kids. Good things can happen in our business if we allow ourselves to create the action with excitement.

Before the Michael Jordan championship Chicago Bulls ran on the court; they got together and yelled, ” What time is it?  Game time! ”   Why not us?   It’s game time.        E-mail me with your ideas for “those” tough projects.         [email protected]

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