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Get it Done by Doing

The best way to get things done is by doing them. Take it from one who knows how to plan, research, plan and research some more. Just start doing it …..

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Humility Teaches Us to Win

The great winners of our time. What is there one common characteristic? Top performers all have talent once they reach the upper ecelons. Deep down, they had the humility to be teachable.

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Action Creates Happiness

Action creates happiness. When am I happiest is when I am creating action for myself if I let doubt creep into my head, and I stop acting. those thoughts of being too careful start eating at my joy.  the dread of the action I still there because I know tomorrow I need to do it.

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Your Daily Routine Matters

Daily Routine Reflections – Part 2

In my last article about Daily Routine Reflections, we started the discussion of ways to get back in sync after the “Invisible COVID Year”. These are ideas I have learned from many different coaches and mentors. They are ideas to we can use to refresh fresh in the second half of 2021.

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