April 26, 2022

Calm and Presence

I call the past two years ” the Invisible Years.” Whenever I meet someone or discuss something that has happened, I say ” last year when we saw each other ” or “when we took our trip two years ago,” it was really three years ago that we spoke and four years since the trip. To me the COVID years are a bubble that created quiet isolation of invisible activity and time forgotten.

We have now ripped off the masks, the social distancing is in the past, the wounds of January 6, 2020, still simmer, but business is back plus extra pressure because big business needs more. It has its people working extra hours from home working telling them that is a perk. Now it is trying to get enough people into the office to try to maintain corporate culture an justify the rent. The top 1% have gained billions in net worth during COVID while the rest of America continues to struggle. This two year bubble has been a financial disater for most other than the elite 5%.

Calm and present in the moment is the mantra for mindfulness. That was to be my subject for this blog. That will be a discussion for another day. Writing this blog took me in another direction. Calm and being present in the moment will help us relearn the listening and communication skills that we need if we are ever going to get through this social divide between the red and blue, this economic divide, and this racial divide. We must rediscover how being in the moment helps us listen and learn from each other and achieve the peace and prosperity we believe this country allows for all. Stay calm and in the moment.

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