Coaching your Team To Succeed : 5 Drills to Win

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It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quickly, more people would do it ~John Wooden As a leader, when you look out at your team and recognize that they are responsible for your success, it should create one of two thoughts. Comfort: if you have a great team that is talented, trained with a plan in place. Or panic if you are an advisor with lots of talent in place, very little planning and limited training. The important step is the next thought – it’s your leadership and coaching that will help create and guide their

Achieving Your Dreams: 5 Strategies to Create Long Term Changes

Achieving Your Dreams
It is often said the “Change is not the hard part, it is the resistance to change that is hard”. The resistance creates a tidal current working against you. Once the decision and commitment to change is made, the tide changes and the current is with you. As a successful professional sales advisor your success required effort, commitment and overcoming obstacles. Taking your business to the next level will need similar efforts. As you commit to these changes you will feel that downstream current to help achieve those new goals. The practice of constant improvement will be more fulfilling and