EVERYday - The Power of Daily Routine

Let’s face facts. Our old routine had been a bit stale, shaky, maybe broken, or at the very least, in need of a tune-up. Many of us need a full-on overhaul and rebuild. This can be viewed as positive as we create enthusiasm and positivity in these new activities.

Right now, with the Pandemic affecting our routine, it is a good time to review. Are we attacking the day or are we reacting? Starting the day is different, other
family members are at home, the temptation to do tasks around the house, no office energy, or camaraderie, and the Zoom meeting.

The new environment creates a fresh opportunity. All of us have a number of good practices in our current routine. We also have good habits and bad habits and our rituals are important.

The question is; are your rituals productive?

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