31 Mar

Helping advisors gain perspective


At Steele Coaching Group, our method used to train and build our Coaching practice is to help advisors gain a real perspective on their purpose and desire to improve.


Helping Advisors Gain Perspective
Michael Steele

At SCG we implement techniques proven to help you:
• Create a vision for your business plan.
• Identify obstacles that impede your success.
• Develop a solution plan with you.
• Ensure you keep work/life balance in focus.
• Develop strategies for any roadblock along the way. Strategies that work.

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In 1987 when the market crashed this debacle on Wall Street eventually gave me “my shot” to move to Institutional sales and bond trading desk. Institutional Sales and Trading were my true ambition in the world of Wall Street from the start. It was on the Trading Desk that I genuinely felt in the game. Working as a bond trader allowed me to build relationships with Wall Street firms on one side of the trade and our advisors in the sales branches on the other. Subscribe to The LeaderBoard Letter