October 13, 2021

In a World of Change, We Change First 

In a World of Change, We Change First

In a World of Change, We Change First 

 Nothing happens when we talk about change? Good ideas feel exciting. We might have a meeting and write these great ideas all over a whiteboard. We can create a daily action plan and send it out to the entire organization or do it for ourselves. Looks good! What is missing? That first step and action! 

 Good ideas feed the ego and feel good.  It is easy when you know you can succeed in putting the project together. Taking action takes courage, a willingness to fail, and a desire to grow, which creates change, and it is hard. 

I used to have a boss that said: “Here’s our new system and program. Go make 20 sales calls”.  That is a request for failure. If it were that easy, the team would have been doing that for years.  A true leader gives you a basic but different approach to your sales effort and says; ” Time to change our sales approach, and shares ideas to add to your game. ” Be imperfect in trying to be successful,”   “Learn to laugh at your mistakes and lose your ego,” and change will happen,

These are examples of fears about change that need action.  You can talk about it- journal about it, but how best to deal with it?  Action. What works the best is to take that 1st step, create movement, make that first mistake, learn, laugh, and move forward.  You will not regret the change.

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