Your Daily Routine Matters

Daily Routine Reflections

I call it the “Invisible Year”. The year of the COVID Pandemic; March of 2020 to April of 2021. Many of us let our routines slide during those months of working from home. We were suddenly out of our daily office routine and never recreated nor committed to a new routine.

Today we are talking about getting our heads back in the game. We want to create the energy and excitement that will motivate us to reengage with our routines. We want to focus on the basics and fundamentals. Let’s look at what we need to do to get our minds in the right place to start attacking the rest of 2021 with renewed vigor as this economy and the physical world starts to open up.

Have a routine: Creating Routines and Rituals

1. Review and Reflect on Your Week

Unless you know where you have been, it is difficult to stay the course for the future. Reflect each week, give thanks for your successes, simple joys, and acknowledge challenges and struggles. Keep working on the basics and adjust for challenges to stay on course.

2. Do One Thing Each Week at Which You do Not Excel

Your current comfort zone is the last place you have landed on your journey – by doing something new, or scares you each week, you are constantly growing beyond your self-imposed limitations.

3. Be Thankful

Gratitude builds an inner power. It creates comfort in what you have worked for and attracts more goodness into your life. It’s an abundance mentality with grace and integrity.

5. Take the Shot – Be Willing to Win

Give things a go – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. The reason we fear the shot is that we haven’t prepared. Prepare, practice, and then “Take the shot”. If you have prepared you will regret not taking your shot. What is life for if not for living fully?

6. Make Time to Play and Have Fun, for Joy and Pleasure

Write a list of all the things that make you come alive and do them daily or weekly – you, and those closest to you, will benefit from your light and joy. Too often we work so hard to accomplish, we forget the joys, pleasures, and simple things in life.

7. Take a Moment Throughout the Day

How often do you stop and take a look around and appreciate the day? Give your mind a break from all those thoughts and worries and connect with the sights, sounds, and beauty of life surrounding you. It will refresh you.

8.  Be the Real You

You are one-of-a-kind. Own who you are. It is time to once again be your authentic self. Give up that self-critical, what people think, comparison mentality. Enjoy your days, trust your gut, and live in gratitude.

9. Spend Time With Positive People

Addition by subtraction. Surround yourself with dreamers, doers, and those who bring out your greatness. Sometimes we have to leave those negative longtime associates behind. Positive people will bring us joy.

10. Give Yourself Credit and Say “Good job” to Yourself

Small wins build your confidence and build you up to have more success. Look for more ways to celebrate yourself and your loved ones.

The EVERDay the Power of Daily Routine book has specific actions to use for your routine. These 10 Routine Routine concepts will help keep your head in the game and feeling positive about your routine. Now is the time to make it happen. Play hard, play smart, and have fun.

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